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KBK Flexible suspension combined crane
  • KBK Flexible suspension combined crane

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KBK Flexible Suspension Combined Crane

introduce about KBK crane

The product features of the KBK crane mainly highlight the anti-torsion structure at the crane port. Due to its novel and unique structure of the port beam, the hook has a small size and high speed. The continuously variable car reduces the swing of the hanging object during the transportation process, which makes the lifting project more safe and stable, and the positioning is more accurate. It is the best equipment for light and small lifts and short distances.

Load capacity: Maximum capacity 2 tons

The product adopts the European low headroom design, light weight, energy saving and environmental protection, and can be installed directly on the top of the plant to reduce costs.

Adopting the box beam structure, it is not easily deformed, the structure is compact, and the performance is excellent. In the technology, we adopt the side-end cantilever technology, and the travel distance of the trolley exceeds the span value of the crane.

Automatic welding process, no damage detection technology. Quality quality assurance.

The operating technology is perfect, safe and fast, adopting Schneider's variable frequency speed regulation, and the operation is fast and steady. Make the cargo safe and stable.

KBK single beam suspended cranes are aesthetically pleasing and highly resistant to corrosion. Use epoxy zinc-rich paint.

This is a custom-made product.

Please contact me and tell me your specific requirements.

We will provide you with detailed quotation and plan.

Look forward to your information.

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