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What are the safe operation points of lifting equipment?

Lifting equipment is a large-scale mechanical equipment, of course, nowadays there are more and more small cranes, but no matter what type, safety is the most important. The safe operation of the crane is not a big problem for the technicians, but some newcomers may not know much about it. Let's talk about the safe operation points.

1. Check the wire rope, clutch, brake, insurance ratchet, transmission pulley, etc. before the crane is running to ensure that the components can be started without problems.

2. There should be no people around when running. It is strictly forbidden to leave the job without permission, and no other people are allowed to open the machine.

3. The lifting command should be carried out by skilled personnel who understand the performance of the lifting machinery. The signal is accurate, bright and clear when commanding. The operator should listen to the commander's signal. If the signal is unknown or may cause an accident, the operation should be suspended. The operation can be continued until the situation is clear.

4. The lifting object should have a uniform speed. It is forbidden to suddenly brake and change direction. When moving, the obstacle should be 0.5m or more higher than the obstacle. The drop should be lowered at low speed to prevent dumping. Sudden power outages during operation should immediately open the switch breakpoint and lower the transported items.

Anyone who works in the crane knows the safe operation. It is only when the operation encounters problems. Don't panic, make judgments and solve them in time, so experienced operators will be better in this regard.