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The application operation and use of permanent magnet lifter

• The lifting permanent magnets are transported in the demagnetization position, that is, the red triangle mark is placed horizontally, and the middle bracket is placed vertically. When using, simply hang the lifting ring on the hook of the lifting device and place it at the center of gravity of the object to be sucked. Place the bracket so that the hook continues to descend so that the arm falls to the top plate of the suction cup. The pawl will automatically skip one tooth of the ratchet, and then lift the hook. The arm rotates as the hook rises, and the pawl pushes the ratchet to rotate. The corresponding position makes the magnetic field of the suction cup completely retreat, the sucked object is disengaged due to the loss of magnetism, the bracket is placed vertically, the red triangle mark is placed horizontally, the hook is lowered, and the whole process is automatically cycled to complete a handling work.

• The permanent magnet suction hanger series has two pawls and a ratchet. When lowering, pay attention to the two booms falling to the top plate of the suction cup at the same time, that is, one tooth that is skipped at the same time. The pawl pushes the ratchet when it rises. Make the suction cup reach magnetic or demagnetization, so you should pay attention to the synchronization problem of the spindle during use. The triangle on the main shaft is the synchronization mark. Each corner can only go up or down at the same time. If it is not synchronized, please move the pawl with one hand. Lift once, the logo can be used after synchronization, and the sync flag cannot be used when it is not synchronized.