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How to use permanent magnet lifter

1. When lifting, first clean the surface of the workpiece to be lifted. If there is rusty skin and burrs, it should be cleaned. The center line of the permanent magnet jack preferably coincides with the center of gravity of the workpiece, and then the jack is placed on the working plane, and the rotating handle is rotated from the "-" position to the "+" direction to the limit pin. Check that the security guard block of the handle is automatically locked and then lifted.
2. When the workpiece is lifted, overloading is strictly prohibited. It is strictly forbidden for the human body to pass under the workpiece. The temperature and ambient temperature of the workpiece to be hoisted are not more than 80 degrees, and there is no severe vibration and impact.
3. When lifting the cylindrical workpiece, the B-shaped groove should be kept in contact with the workpiece in two straight lines, so its lifting force is only 30%-50% of the rated gravity.
4. After the lifting is completed, press the handle button inward, and the security button on the handle is separated from the security pin. The handle is rotated from the "+" to the "-" direction to the limit pin. With the jack in the closed state, the workpiece is separated from the jack