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Take you to know the permanent magnet lifter

Permanent magnet suction cups (also known as permanent magnet suction hoists, permanent magnet hoists) are divided into manual permanent magnet hoists and fully automatic permanent magnet hoists, using contemporary high performance Nd-fe-B magnetic materials 钕Iron and boron make it smaller, lighter in weight, stronger in holding power, unique magnetic circuit design, and almost zero residual magnetism. The safety factor is high and the maximum pull-off force is 2.8-4 times the rated gravity. The manual type permanent magnet lifter handle switch is equipped with a safety button, which can be operated with one hand, which is convenient and safe. Lifting the bottom "V" groove design. The automatic permanent magnet lifting device does not need to manually pull the handle, and it can be lifted and controlled by the lifting and lowering of the electric crane. It can lift the corresponding round steel and steel plate without electricity. It is safe to use and widely used for lifting and handling of steel. Mechanical parts and installation and handling of various molds. It is a lifting tool suitable for lifting, handling and other work of normal temperature steel plates in shipbuilding, engineering machinery and automobile industries. It is mainly used for the connection with the hoisted workpiece during the hoisting process (for example: with electric chain hoist, wire rope electric hoist, etc.) for moving iron plates, blocks and cylindrical magnetic materials. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable, and the result is compact and light. Widely used in factories, terminals, warehouses, transportation industry. Improve the working conditions of loading and unloading operations and improve labor efficiency.

The permanent magnet jack consists of a high-performance NdFeB permanent magnetic material to form a strong magnetic system. Through the rotation of the handle, the magnetic force of the strong magnetic system is changed to achieve the suction and release of the workpiece. The upper part of the jack has a lifting ring for lifting the object, and a V-shaped groove is provided for holding the corresponding cylindrical object. The high-performance permanent magnet material used in the permanent magnet jack is: rare earth permanent magnet and neodymium iron boron as the magnetic source, which has the characteristics of no power consumption, strong suction, low residual magnetism, light operation, long life, safety and reliability, etc. Advanced, organized production according to export standards, quality performance has reached the international advanced level of similar products. It is widely used in the mechanical industry, mold manufacturing, warehouse and transportation departments to transport magnetically conductive objects such as steel plates and steel ingots.