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Industry information

The structural principle of the small crane

The small crane consists of two parts: the power unit and the bracket. 1. The power unit is composed of an electric motor, a speed reducer, a clutch, a brake, a rope drum and a wire rope. The motor is a neodymium single-phase capacitor motor, designed with a mechanism of power-off or braking; the motor is also equipped with a thermal switch to prevent the motor from overheating and burning; the reducer is a two-stage gear reduction, fixed to the motor; clutch, The brake is integrated with the fly cartridge, but when the clutch is disengaged, a rapid drop can be achieved, and the brake can be operated to control the lowering speed to avoid an impact. A circular hole in the front of the power unit housing can be used to install the blower, and the user can provide a blower for forced cooling as needed. The housing itself has a toolbox with a clutch handle, a special wrench with a brake lever, a nut washer, a top cap, a button starter, a travel switch, wires and instructions. 2. The bracket part is composed of a main rod and a rotating arm composed of a screw, a jack nut and a vertical rod. The rotating arm can be rotated 360 degrees on the main rod, and a stroke switch is arranged at the arm end to prevent an accident caused by an operation error or a button failure. The operation button starter realizes the motor reversing and can wind and loosen the wire rope, and lifts the pulley through the bracket part, and lowers the object to complete the lifting operation.