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Suggestions for purchasing lifting crane

1. Large lifting capacity and frequent use.

In the case of a prefabricated plant, the cranes required for the prefabrication plant work almost without interruptions, and in such cases it is best to use high quality cranes. There are many manufacturers of cranes on the market, and it is better to choose a production with better quality to be more secure. Many low-priced products need to be carefully considered, and many crane manufacturers are also reducing the quality of their colleagues. After that, frequent repairs will affect production and handling, as well as the production and reputation of the factory's products. This is not worth the candle.

2. The load is large, but it is not used frequently.

For those companies that only hoist once in the 3rd and 5th, the most critical factor in the life of the crane depends on the amount of the load and the frequency of use, especially the frequency of use. Although the lifting capacity is large, the cranes with less usage and better quality can withstand this test.

3, the amount of lifting is small, and the use is not frequent.

If this is the case, the price can be taken as an important consideration. Which kind of crane is cheaper to buy, so that it can guarantee the use while saving production costs. However, this option is limited to the case where the load is small.

4. The load is small, but it is used frequently.

This situation can be budgeted based on the company's financial situation. If the financial situation is good, you can choose products with high price and good quality. For enterprises with poor financial status, you can choose some companies with good reputation. Don't worry about the financial situation. The reason has been said. It is. If the "cheap and cheap" cranes have delayed the normal operation of their factories, it will also make you lose more.

5, large load and hoisting valuables.

For the kind of heavy load, high frequency of use, and the lifting of valuable items, do not care about the price level, quality is the primary consideration. The reason is not to say that everyone should understand, because the quality of the crane can guarantee the safety of valuables.