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Rare earth market rising trend in the continuous fermentation

Rare earth market, the recent rapid rise in the market caused widespread concern, rare earth prices are still rising momentum, praseodymium neodymium transaction price is close to 500,000 yuan / ton, metal praseodymium neodymium prices have risen to 62-64 million / Ton, the industry hope that the rare earth market and sigh.
Market sources said the current price of metal praseodymium has risen to 750,000 yuan / ton, two days before the price is only 620,000 yuan / ton, up to 21% in two days. The price of metal neodymium from the previous few days of 550,000 rose to today's 650,000 yuan / ton.
It is reported that the price of oxalic acid rose rapidly due to the rapid increase in the production costs of yttrium oxide, which led to the market price of yttrium also follow the trend, the current sales price of 30,000 yuan / ton.
Gadolinium is now on the market price is pushed to 17 million / ton, the price is almost doubled at the end of July, and in the market is difficult to buy the goods. Industry sources, gadolinium as prsine neodymium low-end product alternatives, their own production is very small, coupled with this wave of rapid rise in the market, leading to the phenomenon of shortage of goods on the market is very serious. Shandong JNDO

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