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The most powerful off-road weapons electric winch

There are many types of winchs, such as electric winch, winch using power hoist for car engine, and winch with hydraulic pump. Off-roaders are most likely to use electric winch, the winch from the car battery to get power to drive the motor, driving the noose. This winch is very convenient, because you can stand anywhere, through the knob on the remote control to manipulate. This winch has an advantage, that is, even if the engine can not start, as long as the battery there are electricity, you can manipulate the winch. However, the motor in the winch is at most 1 to 2 horsepower. So how can such a small force be able to drag a heavy car or weight? The secret is on the use of the gearbox. Even if the motor can only send a small force, the use of gear reduction can make this smaller force into a strong pull. Moreover, different winch manufacturers are using the same principle, to create a different product.