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How to prevent the balancer rust

Any tools are need maintenance, balancer, too, that there is no doubt, today small make up you to give us the questions about the rust, prevent rust can improve our production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of users, therefore, I hope you to do a good job of rust.




A, do a good job in waterproof in the outdoor environment, for example, if you encounter rain enters the balancer inside may be the cause of rust, affect its overall performance.

Second, do a good job in storage to store houses should be ventilated and dry air, avoid rust caused by moisture.


Three, to do a good job of lubrication, the user response to its regular lubrication, when the grease evenly daub, it would make it better prepared to prevent rust, so as to improve the work efficiency and prolong service life.

That is how to prevent the entire content of the balancer rust, if you have any other questions need to consult, can call our service hotline.