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Magnet lifter

New design auto magnetic lifter
  • New design auto magnetic lifter

  • description:Need not power supply, no complicated electrical control part, need not installation, convenient for operation. Safe and reliable, implement the movement of absorbing and release circle automatically, can be used together with travelling crane, crane,


JNA-2019 New design Auto magnetic lifter 


 1. No swing arm pushing device, direct drive mode, excellent stability. 

2. There is no gear link on one axis, the consistency is stronger and more accurate, and it is not easy to malfunction.

3. It can lift flat plate, round steel, H-shaped steel, I-beam and channel steel separately and implement one multi-purpose.

4. During the hoisting process, the overlapped objects will only hoist the upper steel plate and have superior safety performance.

5. The working efficiency is greatly improved due to the short starting stroke.