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Lifting Crane

ENDO folding boom crane Ai series 80-150 kg
  • ENDO folding boom crane Ai series 80-150 kg

  • description:Folding boom crane is our combination of ENDO intelligent elevator design and development of hanging device, simple installation is rapid, but the box. The product can be customized according to your requirement.



Folding arm crane  

Can stretch ability song flexible operation

Product feature:

Sectional design, installation convenient transportation  

Operation is flexible and can be easily around obstructions and in-depth internal equipment

Can be frequent lifting and unloading

Equipped with installation of floor without a foundation.

Can be customized according to your requirements, to provide you with the required strength, speed and precision.

Folding boom crane is applicable to:

The working space is little, work area radius of 4 meters

Up within 300 kg in weight

No foundation or foundation is weak

Easy to install and disassemble