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What are the reasons for the wire rope breaking?

Wire rope is an important lifting device for wire rope electric hoists and an important rigging accessory. Wire ropes need to be regularly checked for wear and tear to avoid heavy objects falling due to excessive wear of the wire rope. So what causes the wire rope to break?
It is related to the number of times of winding on the pulley and the reel. The wire rope is wound once on the pulley and the reel, and the wire rope is bent straight and then straightened. In this process, the wire rope is inevitably damaged, so the more the number of windings, the more serious the overload, resulting in easier wear and tear. Broken.
It is related to the diameter of the pulley and the reel. The smaller the diameter of the trolley and the reel, the more severe the bending of the wire rope and the more susceptible it is to damage.
It is related to the working level and the use environment (temperature, corrosive gas).
It is related to use, storage, and maintenance.
It is related to the radius of curvature of the wire rope bending when tied. The main reason is that the steel wire rope repeatedly bends and repeatedly squeezes friction under strong pushing stress when it is wound around the hanging object, causing metal fatigue and wear, and the surface steel wire will gradually break.
In order to reduce the wear of the wire rope, it is necessary to regularly apply the protective oil during use and clean the dirt in time to extend the service life of the wire rope.